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Get your rock tested!

Vermeer's Rock Lab has been providing rock testing services to mines and jobsites globally since 2006. With their state-of-the-art equipment and established procedures, they are capable of testing a wide range of rock types, including common materials such as bauxite, gypsum, iron ore, and limestone, as well as other types of rock.

The purpose of rock testing is to understand the rock conditions, which can help Vermeer customers and dealers better manage their machine performance expectations. This includes using Vermeer equipment like Terrain Leveler surface excavation machines, trenchers, rock wheels, and horizontal directional drills during utility installation. By gaining a thorough understanding of the rock conditions, the equipment operates efficiently and effectively in a range of geological environments.

The Vermeer Rock Lab offers a comprehensive testing process, which includes the unconfined compressive strength (UCS) test, CERCHAR abrasivity test, and the Vermeer Energy Index test.

• The UCS test measures the strength of the rock under compression, which helps to determine the load-carrying capacity of the rock.

• The CERCHAR abrasivity test measures how abrasive the rock is and is a significant factor in determining the wear of rotary cutting teeth in applications such as mining, drilling, and trenching.

• The Vermeer Energy Index test was developed by the Vermeer Rock Lab to further understand how brittle or how ductile the rock is and how that correlates into how productive their machines will be in a given rock. This test is used in conjunction with the UCS test.

Once the tests are completed, the Vermeer Rock Lab produces a summary report that can be entered into a solutions calculator. Customers and dealers can use the solutions calculator to estimate production ranges and the cost of operation. This information is vital to ensure that the project is completed successfully and within budget.

In conclusion, Vermeer's Rock Lab plays a crucial role in ensuring that the equipment operates efficiently and effectively in a range of geological environments. Their comprehensive testing process helps to minimize downtime and maximize productivity, allowing their customers to complete their projects successfully.

Trust Vermeer's Rock Lab for accurate and reliable testing of rock samples to help you make informed decisions about your projects.

Learn more about the Vermeer Rock Lab:

Vermeer Rock Lab services are available at no cost for Vermeer customers. Contact us to coordinate the collection of representative rock samples from your jobsite. With the information gained from these samples, you’ll get help determining the appropriate tooling to use for the ground conditions and be able to make more informed business decisions.


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