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Trenchless Utility Installation

Traditional utility installation methods are labor-intensive and costly. As a leader in trenchless solutions, Vermeer offers a diversity of trenchless equipment that simplify the process of utility installation.


From installing to replacing water and sewer lines, these trenchless technologies can be applied to all sorts of utility operations and bring a lot of benefits to the utility installation process as a whole.

Advantages & Benefits Trenchless Installation

Minimal disturbance to surroundings

No one likes their home, business or morning commute to be affected by construction.


The footprint for a trenchless construction zone is smaller and often times done in an existing right of way.


Discover the different types of technologies for trenchless installation.


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Piercing Tools

Auger Boring

Horizontal Directional Drilling


Water pipeline construction
Efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Use the HDD to build and maintain your pipeline network. From installing and distributing pressure pipes for water transport, to the fitting of a house connection and the renewal of damaged water pipes. The HDD offers a great variety of methods for water supply network related works.

Install your network cables along and under roads, through existing sewers and in challenging rural and urban areas. Expand your fiber optic network by using the trenchless technology and minimize high installation costs and long civil engineering procedures.

Natural gas distribution networks
From pressure pipelines for transport and distribution, pipelines for the feeding of natural gas to national networks, connecting service lines to the end consumer, to pipelines for storing synthetic gas. The trenchless technology enables you to execute these installations precisely and safely.

Sewer construction
Install, renovate and clean sewer pipes and house connections along roads and under traffic and waterways. The HDD guaranties the needed precision for sewer construction

Pipeline construction
Easily install small and large pipeline installations with the trenchless technology. Whether it be pipelines for the transport of liquids and gases in open areas or pipelines for crossing rivers and reservoirs in highly urban areas.

Wind farms
Efficiently install pipes for the transportation and distribution of wind energy generated at land or at sea. Connect onshore and offshore wind power plants and wind turbines with minimum space and costs.


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