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Managing organic resources by recycling waste into usable end-products has become more important than ever.


Vermeer has a long history in waste management and understands the need, challenges, but also the potential and opportunities of organic recycling. In other words organic recycling is ‘’creating an opportunity while solving a problem’’.


That is why, Vermeer is committed to providing equipment that is responsible, quick and efficient, enabling you to get the most out of your waste. From creating wood chips for power generation, to compost or landscaping mulch made out of wood debris, Vermeer’s diverse product range covers all key process steps and can be used to turn waste into all kinds of useful products. 

Organic Recycling

Advantages & Benefits Organic Recycling


Efficient processing 


Vermeer’s equipment is productive, versatile, quick and reliable. The equipment is built to handle all kinds of tough jobs and offers an extensive range of features, giving you all you need to process waste into useable end products.



Discover for which applications Vermeer’s organic recycling solutions can be used. 


Organic fertilizers, top-dressing for yards, compost socks, erosion control and much more. Use Vermeer’s compost equipment to turn your waste into wealth. Efficiently decompose organic materials under controlled conditions, while transforming them into the end-product your need.

Biomass production

Get the most out of biomass-to-fuel operations with Vermeer’s precise technology. Whether it concerns woody materials or non-woody materials like, sugarcane, corn residue, switch grass or garbage, pre-treat and process these materials into biofuel, electricity, asphalt and more.

Wood waste treatment

Turn the wood waste from your logging and clearing activities into valuable products. From chipped logs to fuel crops and wood chips. Use Vermeer’s equipment to create all kinds of wood waste material.

Municipal recycling

Disposing waste is challenging , but an absolute necessity for municipalities as we daily generate tons of waste. Methods like waste burning at landfills produce harmful pollutants and are costly. With Vermeer, municipalities can take advantage of waste by processing it efficiently, into products that can be reused, while minimalizing the environmental damages. 


Vermeer offers a versatile range of recycling and woodwaste management equipment, providing you all you need to successfully create real value from your organic recycling project.  Discover the Vermeer solutions below: 

Grinders & Chippers

Grind your way through the toughest material with Vermeer’s grinders. Vermeer’s grinders and chippers are available in different configurations and have flexible modifications options. This means that the grinders can be adapted to your feedstock plan, operational environment and the type of material. 

Watch the video to get a better understanding of Vermeer’s Grinders 

Compost Turners

You know what they say “One man’s waste is another man’s treasure’’. This becomes a reality with Vermeer’s compost turner. Choose the configuration that meets your needs and efficiently decompose your material into a product that is stable, odourless, plant-friendly and of high quality, in a controlled way and transform your waste into wealth. 

Watch the video to get a better understanding of Vermeer’s Compost Turner 

Trommel Screens

Whether you’ve grinded, turned your feedstock into compost or both, this phase of your recycling project should not be skipped! Finish the job by screening your product with Vermeer’s trommel screen. Screen and separate by size a wide variety of materials and attain an end product that is consistent, clean and off high quality. From separating soil, compost, sand, gravel, light aggregate to sludge, make it happen with Vermeer’s trommel screen.

Watch the video to get a better understanding of Vermeer’s Trommel Screen.




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