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Precision Surface Mining

Vermeer is known in the industry for decades for their experience and technology to cut rock. This know-how has been taken one step further and applied to precision surface mining with the Vermeer Terrain Leveler.

Precision surface mining revolutionizes the mining industry by its ability to mine selectively without the need for drilling and blasting. By eliminating several steps in the mining process the total cost of operation can be lowered.

Watch the video to get a better understanding of precision surface mining.

Advantages & Benefits Precision Surface Mining

No blasting

Not only is it becoming increasingly regulated, blasting is dangerous, harmful for the environment, unsafe and requires an outside crew.


With the innovative Terrain Leveler blasting is simply not needed anymore.

Terrain Leveler

The Terrain Leveler is a continuous surface miner that consist of a tractor and cutting drum attachment. With the cutting drum on the rear side of the tractor, the tractor moves in forward direction while simultaneously cutting the ore body. The excavated material is left behind the Terrain Leveler and can be loaded on trucks.


By cutting up to max. 70 cm. it gives the ability to excavate thin layers, while the Terrain Leveler can be used for mass excavation projects.

Key advantages of the Vermeer Terrain Leveler
> The Terrain Leveler is designed to maximize machine simplicity with a hydrostatic transmission that provides less moving parts compared to mechanical systems.
> Wide track width and low center of gravity provide stability – while dual hydrostatic tracks allow for maximum maneuverability – including 360-degree counter-rotation.
> The rear-mounted drum and top-down cutting helps minimize machine contact with the cut material,  the tilt mechanism on the drum helps manage the floor or bench to allow a formation of a smooth floor.


Special features

Terrain Leveler.png

An optional dust suppression system features an enclosed cutting head with two large vacuums that pull dust into baghouses and drop it beneath the machine – reducing the dust entering the air.

SmartTEC Control software displays the status of critical elements of machine performance – alerting the operator for recommended control adjustment.

An optional GPS Technology can be used to create a mine-by-line plan that can be uploaded to the GPS System on the Vermeer Terrain Leveler – then the machine will automatically cut to the plan.

Other applications

The Vermeer Terrain Leveler can work in a variety of applications. Please see below the various applications where the Vermeer Terrain Leveler made an impact.

Civil Construction

Cutting canals and building islands, foundations for buildings, retention ponds, water spillways and golf courses


The Vermeer Terrain Leveler is working on all the continents. Please read below why customers are keen to work with the Vermeer Terrain Leveler as their surface miner to support their business. 

Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler - Direct Drive

Application: Mining - bauxite

Country: Guinea-Conakry

Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler - Direct Drive

Application: Mining - limestone

Country: Switzerland

Terrain Leveler_reference Guinea Conakry
Terrain Leveler_reference Jura Cement.JP

Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler - Chain Drive

Application: Construction - site preparation

Country: Malta

Terrain Leveler_reference Malta.JPG




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