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Spare Parts & Service


Our service team aims for EXCELLENCE!​

Your production and your project is what matters the most to us. So more important than selling our equipment is the service of our equipment. To keep our customers productive we offer:

•    Genuine spare parts

Realizing how demanding today’s business world is, we committed ourselves to provide you with the correct part precisely when required. This fast delivery of parts guarantees our customers increased uptime, hence a more efficient operation and timely project execution.

•    Start-up training at the purchase of the machine

This service include commissioning the machine, explain your operators the operation of the machines and how to maintain the machine for daily operation.

•    On-call support

It can always happen that there is a breakdown with your equipment. It is our aim to get you as quick as possible up and running.

•    Preventive maintenance at specific time intervals

Together with our customers we can plan a preventive maintenance service where our technicians visit the equipment at pre-determined intervals to execute the required maintenance.

•    24/7 on-site support

We have the experience to assist your project of operation 24/7 by having the technician(s) and work tools available at your site.

•    Operators

For companies that don’t have the operators available for our equipment, we have a pool of experienced operators that are trained on Vermeer equipment.

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