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Vermeer technicians for 24/7 support on your tough jobs

When a customer buys a machine at Vermeer West Africa, our involvement in the project doesn’t stop just there. We are there for you to help you out whenever you need it. A great example of this service is the fact that Vermeer technicians are around on the site for 24/7 assistance. These technicians are skilled professionals who make sure you’ll get all the confidence needed to make your project flourish.

Assembly of the Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler
Assembly of the Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler

Great productivity and progress on the mining site

It can be quite challenging for customers to understand directly how our machines work. This particularly applies to the type of equipment used for precision surface mining projects as bauxite and iron ore mining. The machines are usually completely new to the users. We are talking about the Vermeer Surface Miners such as the Vermeer Terrain Leveler SEM. Although the powertrain systems of the machines are quite similar to these in excavators and bulldozers, there are still some important differences between these types of heavy equipment.

Our customers work in a demanding environment and Vermeer Terrain Levelers are the core of a successful surface mining project. Idle time costs money. By having skilled technicians from Vermeer West Africa on site, the customer is assured to be productive, profitable and progressive from day one in their operation.

Strengthening customer confidence

The number of Vermeer technicians available on a site depends on several factors. For instance, the number of machines operating and the specific customers’ requirements determine how many technicians are present. We aim to have at least two of our technicians ready to assist at each mining project. This enables us to provide 24/7 support which definitely boosts the customer’s confidence in using the machine. An approach like this obviously results in lots of progression and high productivity in the mining project accordingly!

How do we make sure that our all of our technicians are skilled and that they always deliver the best quality service you can think of? We do this by putting teams together that are multi-disciplinary. This means that each team member has a unique skill. As the technicians work together as a team, they bundle their skills so that they’re able to provide the best service.

In addition, we train our team members on a regular basis to improve their knowledge. This brings far more value to the customer. Trainings are conducted both online as well as physically on the mining site.

Full service offering

Our technicians present on sites are highly contributing to the success of our company. Essentially, they are the most important persons in an equipment dealership. Why? Because the first machine is sold by the salesmen, but any recurring orders are sold by the service team. Only if great service quality is provided to a customer to make them profitable, productive and confident enables us to remain in business as an equipment dealer.

One of our customers once said that with Vermeer it doesn’t feel like they are being sold to them, but that they are being provided with the full service. Other than maintaining and repairing our equipment, we always try to discover possibilities to lower the cost per ton for the customer. In the end of the day, we believe that when a customer is profitable because of our equipment, he’ll awards us automatically with more business. And that’s exactly what keeps us running.

Ready for some great achievements?

We are ready to make your specific mining project much more profitable and productive. Interested? Send us a message via this link and we’ll contact you soon!

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