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Trenchers have been part of the Vermeer family for more than 50 years. Due to its long history with trenching and experience in the trenching industry, Vermeer has been able to expand the use, functionality and efficiency of the trencher, enabling to customize the trencher to your need.  No matter how challenging or though the landscape is, the Vermeer trenchers can be used for all kinds of underground utility installations in all kind of conditions.

Trenching allows a fast and clean installation of underground utilities with minimal ground disruption. The straight or vertical walls of the trench allow to cut and remove the necessary amount of spoil, while providing its own backfill. This creates a clean and tailored trench, ready for use and with a built- in backfill. 

Watch the video to get a better understanding of trenching. 

Advantages & Benefits Trenching


High quality custom trench


A flat trench bottom instead of undulation, clean walls instead of uneven sides and cutting what is necessary instead of overdigging. The precise cutter of the trencher creates clean and straight ditch walls, providing you with a ditch that is of high quality, ready for installations and easy to backfill.

On top of this the Vermeer trencher cuts its own spoils which can be used to backfill, so there is no need for crushing or excavating more spoil.


Trencher Configurations

Trenchers are versatile machines and can be configured with different attachments in order to work in various type of ground conditions.


Vermeer cable plows help make quick work of fiber, gas and water utility installations with minimal ground disturbance.


Chain trencher attachments can be used in a variety of ground conditions and makes you flexible in the type of work.

The advantages to microtrenching include minimal cutting width, shallow depth placement and jobsite cleanliness. Of course, this method requires the right equipment and Vermeer offers a wide range of machines and attachments designed to maximize productivity.

And to cut through rock, concrete and other tough surfaces, look no further than Vermeer rockwheel trenchers.



Cable plow


Chain trencher


Micro trencher



Product Range of Trenchers

From digging small trenches in your backyard to installation of pipelines for oil & gas, Vermeer offers the full range of trenchers.

​Click on the picture below to understand more about the trencher you require for your project. 


Pedestrian Trenchers


Utility Trenchers


Track Trenchers

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