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Great achievements at Vermeer's SPS Awards!

It’s time to celebrate! We are thrilled to let you know that Vermeer West Africa achieved some great results during the last Vermeer SPS Awards! We won the first prize as Product Champion in Specialty Excavation and the second prize for overall sales globally. Great work, team Vermeer West Africa. Congratulations to us!

Team Vermeer West Africa

The Vermeer SPS (Sales, Parts & Service) Awards or The Founder’s Awards are held annually. In this event Vermeer Corporation recognizes top salesmen of the Vermeer industrial dealer network. This includes winners for top sales, top volume sales, top management winners as well as awards given for lifecycle segments such as parts and service. The event is organized by Vermeer Corporation and takes place (normally) in Vermeer’s head office in Pella, Iowa, in the United States. The only requirement that participants to this event have, is that they must be a Vermeer industrial dealer.

Awards show on a virtual stage

Obviously, due to COVID-restrictions, the 2021 version of the SPS awards was a bit different than usual. This was the 11th annual year for this awards show and the first that has been done on a virtual stage. Vermeer Corporation was kind of obliged to turn the event into one big conference call to which all the Vermeer dealers could join.

There were four categories in which participants could win prizes:

1. Bellows: recognition of managers

2. Iron V: Recognition of lifecycle winners

3. Yellow Anvils: recognition for product sales and volume

4. Top Ten: Top sales

Our team won the Yellow Anvil, having the highest sales volume in the product category Specialty Excavation. The second award was for our salesperson to become the number 2 salesman of the world (overall).

High service standards

So, what does this exactly mean? What made Vermeer West Africa win these prizes? Both Product Champion and Top Seller have to do with overall sales and volume of units sold. We’ve had a good year and we are happy to see that our Head Quarters acknowledge this! We believe that our excellent service really contributes to our results.

Obviously, we aim to maintain our high service standards and it would be fantastic if we win the first prize in different categories next year! In order to do so, we should continue to hustle in our markets. We also should sustain the customer relationships that have been established, while chasing new customer sales as well.

Managing Director of Vermeer West Africa, Ruben de Meijer, congratulates his team:

In addition, we would like to thank John Milligan, Director of Sales at Vermeer Corporation, and Ashlee Stevenson, Marketing Content Manager at Vermeer Corporation for their contribution to this article.


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