Vermeer Corporation opened its new Eco Center

Vermeer Corporation opened its new Eco Center last week on the 50th Earth Day. Their previous Eco Center was destroyed by a tornado in 2018.

We are therefore even more proud and happy on this great new achievement. One of our entire business segments is dedicated to managing natural resources. We always work on minimizing our environmental footprint as an organization.

The new Eco Center collects and recycles various materials for reuse:

- 100% of the solvents used by Vermeer are collected and used again.

- Used oil gets used as an alternative energy source after treatment.

- Wood waste from pallets and crates that bring in steel and engines are reused into pallets or grinded into mulch.

- Scraps and metal dust from raw steel processes are collected and reused.

- Electronic waste, or e-waste, is collected in collaboration with electronic recyclers, while data security and information keep maintained.

The new Eco Centre works on green energy coming from a fully Vermeer-equipped solar parc nearby

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