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First Vermeer HDD machine operational in Côte d'Ivoire (English)

Installing electricity cables underground without breaking up the ground. The Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) enables you to do this. We are happy to announce that we recently sold our first HDD machine in Côte d'Ivoire. Our customer is now ready to make a real impact on productivity and progress with the highest level of confidence.

Vermeer HDD machine in Ivory Coast
Our first Vermeer HDD machine in Côte d'Ivoire: ready for the tough work!

How do we ensure that our customer makes maximum use of the machine's capabilities in order to get the most out of his project? Vermeer West Africa provides an extensive training with every machine sold. Read this article to learn more about this specific case.

Efficiently installing cables underground

There are several areas in Abidjan where it’s desired to install the electricity network underground instead of above ground. However, it’s not always possible everywhere to break the road open and install cables. Our Vermeer HDD machine enables you to install cables trenchless. Not only is this way of trenchlessly installing cables the way to go to meet local guidelines, it is also a much more efficient method than cracking open the ground. With conventional techniques it often takes several days to install a cable underground. The Vermeer HDD machine however makes you finish your job perfectly in a few hours only.

So, who is this machine sold to and which problem is it going to solve for our customer? The machine is purchased for a project in which both the World Bank and CI-ENERGIES are involved. As you may know CI-ENERGIES is the company responsible for distribution networks of electricity all across the country. The project is financed by the World Bank.

Vermeer West Africa’s training to ensure maximum profit

At Vermeer West Africa we want every customer to make the most out of their work with our equipment. We really stand for helping our customers to make a real impact on their productivity and profit. What we do to reach this, is to provide a comprehensive training with every Vermeer machine sold. The customer needs to be able to maximize the capabilities of the machine in order to be productive. This can only be done by covering all aspects involved in working with Vermeer machines.

Last week we provided this training to the relevant persons involved in this great project. We taught them how to make a bore plan, how to mix the drilling liquid, how to operate the machine, how to locate the drill head and how to best maintain the machine. The result is that the customer knows exactly how our HDD machine works. He is now able to install underground cables in a quick, efficient and proper way.

Vermeer HDD training
The customer learns how to best use our HDD machine.

It’s very satisfying to see real results of this training. A customer who has never worked with this type of machine before is now able to install a cable underground within 1.5 weeks according to the pre-calculated bore plan. This is great!

What’s in it for you?

Is your company intending to install cables underground and are you looking for the most efficient, profitable and progressive way to do this? Our Vermeer HDD machine is the best choice to be used in the areas of telecom, electricity, water supply, oil and gas.

Contact us via this link and we hope to soon start working with you on great projects!


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